Client Testimonials

How did my clients find working with me?

Individual testimonials:

“Thank you for your time and skill, a cracking combination that created a wonderful thinking, healing and engaging environment for me.  The wisdoms that came through in our sessions were like lightening rods with the precision of acupuncture needles.  They come back to me and keep teaching me and I am sure will keep doing so for a while to come.  So thank you again Iulia and keep up the good work!” (Zem)

“I want to thank you for all your support; although sessions were often not easy, I feel I have come away a stronger, more understanding and able person. I will always try to hold all perspectives and not be consumed with shame. I would not be where I am today without your guidance and faith” (Morgan)

“I feel grateful for all the work and the way in which it empowered me, leaving the decisions to me, even though that was hard!” (George)

“There’s an energy in my life that replaced my initial apathy and lethargy.” (Graham)

“Everybody’s noticing and liking the new me. I’m stronger within myself, more open and honest; I don’t need to protect myself so much because it’s safer to just be me!” (Annie)


Smashed into smithereens I was
trying to run
kicking up dust

But running wouldn’t help me understand
it’s okay to be me
and to hold your hand

Stopping’s the biggest move I made
for once my heart
I truly obeyed

And in your light I shed my skin
and took your hand
to go within

the smithereens a mosaic of me
you helped reassemble
piece by piece

And in your light, I found my place

The Light of Ligia 

my saving grace.

Lexy, 2009


Therapeutic massage:

“Words cannot express how grateful I am for the treatment you gave. Our sessions have been so beneficial, they have put me on the path to having a better relationship with my body. I have a new understanding of the connection between mental and physical pain which helps me. You have given me new and effective ways of managing my illness and thank you for that” (Betty)

Couples testimonials:

“Thank you for helping us put our lives into perspective. It’s hard to admit as an adult that your past is the one thing that’s holding you back (…) You have a gift to get to the core of things and we definitely would not be together if it wasn’t for your insight.” (C&K)

“My wife and I worked with Julia on couples counselling and found her to be very engaged and insightful. Julia instantly created a comfortable environment empowering us to really open up with one another with confidence. Julie is very proactive, empowering, knowledgeable, and of the highest professional calibre. I can’t thank Julia enough for all she did for us, and would recommend her without hesitation.” (B & H)

“This is our safe place where you make it OK for us to lower our defenses and really listen to each other!” (C & M)